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At Working Mindset we are passionate about providing credible, high quality, evidence-based psychological methods to support employees to thrive both at work and in life. Looking after the wellbeing of your workforce is not only imperative for the employee, but research shows it also has significant economic benefits for your business.

We are doctors of clinical psychology which ensures that you are in safe hands. Clinical Psychology is a regulated profession and we are experts in the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. It takes approximately eight years training to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist. This training and experience, coupled with our personable, down to earth and practical approach is highly valued by our clients. Working with us will guarantee a positive impact on your staff’s ability to thrive.


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What our clients say about us

Great Session which has really started the discussions with our senior leadership teams around the topics of mental wellbeing. Thank you Dr Rebecca and Dr Lucy!
Jacqueline Rouse | People Director


We were lucky enough to have worked with both Dr Lucy Shoolbred and Dr Rebecca Holt over the last couple of years at William Reed. They have helped support our Wellness Week initiatives by running a number of different activities for us. I would highly recommend Working Mindset as an organisation that has the knowledge and expertise to help navigate this world we now found ourselves in!

Natalie Fernley | Executive PA

William Reed

Thank you Working Mindset for taking the time to teach us how to better look after our mental health, with plenty of guidance and a great (zoom) talk!
Celine | Managing Director