What We Bring

  •  0.5 million workers suffer from work-related stress, anxiety and depression
  •  1.7 million working days lost a year
  •  24 working days lost per person on average
  •  37% of all work-related ill-health is due to anxiety, stress and depression
  •  5.2 billion is the annual cost of work related stress, anxiety and depression

Source: Health and Safety Executive www.hse.gov.uk/stress

At Working Mindset we know that psychological well-being is fundamental to us achieving our full potential.

The research on work related stress and anxiety reveals a concerning picture. The ever-changing workplace pressures can hinder our ability to meet our professional and personal goals. To add a couple of lines.

As clinical psychologists with extensive experience in the field of psychological well-being, we bring cutting edge ideas and concepts to your business. Working Mindset will help your team acquire the knowledge, tools and confidence to be a productive and resilient workforce.