It’s ok not to be ok – Learning to accept our uncomfortable emotions

As humans, we experience a vast array of emotions, which help us navigate our experiences. Our emotional responses are hard-wired and have been designed to protect us. We naturally tend to want to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotional states, but this can cause us problems in the longer run. So how can we learn strategies to be more accepting of our emotional responses?

In this 60 minute webinar delegates can expect to:


  • Explore common myths around happiness and discover why it is so difficult to be happy
  • Learn more about our emotional reactions
  • Develop skills to relate to emotions with openness and acceptance
  • Explore how to be more self-compassionate

The Details:  

  • Capacity: 100 people
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Your facilitator: A clinical psychologist
  • Logistics: You’ll be sent an exclusive link to the workshop, which will be streamed via Zoom.

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