Give yourself the gift of a GRATITUDE HABIT…….. In the midst of a global pandemic you may feel that there is not be much to be grateful for. Research from the field of positive psychology shows us that both giving and receiving gratitude has many benefits to our mental health and wellbeing.

Right now, the pull to dwell on what has been taken away from us is incredibly strong. Shifting our focus to even the smallest gestures of gratitude can make our lives more fulfilling.  Developing our “grateful mindset” strengthens our immune systems, improves our heart health and our sleep quality. Being grateful can also help to build emotional resilience, alleviate fears and reduce negative unhelpful thinking. Furthermore, our relationships benefit when we are thoughtful and show gratitude towards others.

Cultivating our sense of gratitude may take some effort but will strengthen with practice. Try some of these tips to develop your gratitude habit:

  • WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE – Expressing thanks to someone to show your appreciation is a simple gesture but will have a lasting impact on the mood of giver and receiver.
  • KEEP A GRATITUDE JOURNAL – Ask yourself the question ‘what am I grateful for today?’. This can help to reflect on what went right for you. Notice how you felt when something good happened.
  • DO A DAILY GRATITUDE EXERCISE – Regularly taking time to think about what you appreciate is useful to introduce last thing at night. A positive bedtime ritual like this can also help you fall asleep quicker.

As 2020 draws to a close, strengthening our ability to be grateful for all that we have has never been so important.

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